Our Team

Karen M. Watson has over 25 years of legal experience. She specializes in real estate transfers, evictions, leases, and other related matters. She previously worked for the Law Office of Michael D. Calarco for approximately 25 years. 

Email: karen@stmartinlawoffice.com

Amy L. Thorn has over 20 years of legal experience. She specializes in estate planning, estate administration, real estate and bankruptcies. She previously worked for the Law Offices of Michael D. Calarco and Richard C. Wunder. 

Email: amy@stmartinlawoffice.com

Sarah M. Clarcq has two years of experience as a debt collection paralegal. She previously worked as a special education teacher and has a Masters Degree in Special Education from Grand Canyon University. 

Email: sarah@stmartinlawoffice.com

Frank C. Zappia is an Administrative Assistant who has worked in the legal field for five years. He previously owned and operated Zappia Vending, Inc. in Newark, New York. 

Email: frank@stmartinlawoffice.com